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where are the diamonds?

I have played a few different evolutions now and zebra has by far the lowest diamond rate - I only received 2 berries in 2 hours (and got 3 from other sources in that time)
Makes it SUPER slow to get anywhere (and impossible to level up the upgrades)
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Superb Zebra?

Still trying to get this achievment. Has anyone figured it out?
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The Alien

Is there ANYWAY at all, to get rid of the Alien.Whe it asks for Moodys and stuff,I never give them and i want it to go away.And i have to exit the game and stay off for a while to get him to leave,Anyway i can make him leave without doing this???
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Anyone else find that the tractor doesn't always work?
Just opened up the app having closed it overnight and I got no pop up about the tractor collecting coins, even though I have maxed out the upgrade to 6 hours. That's 6 hours of coins gone. Rather irritating to say the least.
Restarted my phone - nothing. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy.
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How to unlock the Supreme Being

This is an achievement in the game... I have completed the Zebrapedia and have reset the universe after doing so and the achievement still eludes me. How do you think it is achieved?
I'm wondering whether I have to level up all the Pantheon Titans to the max (whatever that is!), or perhaps I just need to get Geniuus to  high enough level?
It's annoying not knowing!!!
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