The Zebrapedia is the in-game encyclopaedia that contains images, size information, stats and brief descriptions about the zebras. Entries are unlocked as each one is discovered, and are not erased when the universe is recreated. The game needs to be reset several times to be able to unlock all of the Pantheon Zebras, as their currency cannot be purchased.

The arrows below show how the Zebras mutate, and which level they are found in. The imposters are listed separately for ease of viewing. Note there is only one Ultimate being in this app, presumably this is due to the new Pantheon area.

Click the zebras to go to their pages for images & stats.

Note: this is the completed Zebrapedia, confirmed by receiving an achievement after obtaining all zebras listed below.

Jungle Baby Zebra Right arrow Adult Zebra Right arrow Dolihorn Right arrow Triad Right arrow George Right arrow Zeebrush
Continent Tongua Right arrow Moody Right arrow Zeella Right arrow Seven Right arrow Exxord Right arrow Skirty
World Bae Right arrow Bee & Wu Right arrow Smila Right arrow Brozee Right arrow Zaiter Right arrow Pank
Universe Geniuus
Pantheon Strydra | Kyojin | Zegasus | Crustae | Tormentror | Borboratigris
Imposters Junior | Kevin | Ronald
Mars Baby Alien Zebra Right arrow Evolved Zebruus Right arrow Diskette Right arrow Chazzam Right arrow Zplosh Right arrow
Fifi of Provibex Right arrow Zznaek Right arrow Anittas Right arrow Vibez Right arrow Biuti Right arrow Kyozen Right arrow Belzebroo

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